Who am I?

The Printer and Photographer

“The Beauty of photography is not just in the final print but in the process required to create it.” Alan Falzon.

Life is beautiful. But we are lost in a fast paced environment. Days seam too short. Dailey routines mean we walk by, not realising what is around us. Too fast for me, it’s the reason why over the years photography has become an important part of my daily life.

Alan Falzon, Printer,Photographer,Fotogrpahija,Silver Gelatine
Alan Falzon, Printer and Photographer for Fotogrpahija.com

Photography takes me into my own very slow world. Listening to music with headphones to block environmental noise, this leaves me to walk around peacefully, observing people and their environment. An old school approach of taking my time, using a simple camera to find and capture ignored bits and pieces of every day life.

This is followed by quite a lot of time in the darkroom. A vinyl spinning while I develop the day’s film then switching on the red lights I get to work on a print.

I love the idea that the whole process is controlled by myself. From choosing the film and camera to use to what to shoot, how to expose and compose each frame. Then the choice of chemicals, papers and all other darkroom bits and pieces, until all this time and patience is rewarded when i finally have a fine art print in my hands.

Please have a look at my work and may be consider purchasing a hand made print or two. All proceeds are put back into my photography.

Thank You!

Alan Falzon

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