Terms of Service

Thank you for purchasing my Fine Art Prints.

Here are the Terms of Service related to All items purchased from Fotographija

  1. All items sold on my site are guaranteed to be of high quality and made from the best materials available at time of manufacture.
  2. All Fine Art Prints are hand printed on Fibre Based Silver Gelatine papers and processed to archival standards using proven and accepted methods.
  3. Slight variations from one print to another  might be present since all these prints are hand made and variations in material batch, temperature during manufacture and other uncontrollable conditions will have, although very minimal, an impact of final print. These variations are only cosmetic and have no implications on quality nor archival standards.
  4. All prints are sold in Limited Editions of only one size. Example: Morris Station Wagon, Manchester is sold in a Limited Edition of 20 prints in size 8×10. No other sizes are nor will be  available. No more prints will be made when edition is sold out.
  5. All items are packed and posted in tough card board boxes. This guarantees safe journey. These boxes are not to be used for storage of prints.
  6. Although the highest care is taken to ensure you receive the highest quality posable, damages during transport might happen. Please read information on this Postage and Packing page for details.

More details can be found on these dedicated pages:

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