Under the Arch, Manchester

I shot Under the Arch, Manchester during my birthday holiday in 2014. The area is some were near the canals, if  I remember correctly it is the Deansgate area. The day was over cast and dull with the area under the arch very dark. The small light patches and urban design of the surrounding area created a calming  effect in such a busy city.

As suspected it is very difficult to print. Keeping the details in the brick wall while at the same time muting the white buildings top right means i have to dodge and burn quite a bit.

The final print is available for sale in a Limited Edition run of 5, excluding one proof. Hand printed on 8×10 inch Silver Gelatine Fibre paper and toned. All prints have a small white border.

Unfortunately my scanner does not do justice to this proof so please read this information for more details.

*Scanned with a cheap scanner.


Fotographija,Print Proof,Manchester, Alan Falzon,Hand Made,Silver Gelatin,Limited Edition

Print Proof – Under the Arch, Manchester



Please contact me, Alan Falzon for more details.