Morris Station Wagon, Manchester, 2014

Morris Station Wagon, Manchester, 2014  is one of my favourite prints from my two week holiday in the UK in 2014. Shot in a side street, while lost on my way walking to the Imperial War Museum from Manchester city centre. It took quite some time to find the right balance of tones that matched the paper and feeling of nostalgia. Morris station wagons‘ were also very popular in Malta. After printing 3 slightly different versions I asked my father for his opinion and we setled on this. Unfortunately my cheap scanner did not reproduce the warm tones.

Morris Station Wagon, Manchester, 2014 is available for sale in a Limited Edition of 20.

*Scanned with a cheap scanner.


Print Proof,Morris Station Wagon, Manchester, Alan Falzon,Hand Made,Silver Gelatin,Limited Edition,Fotographija

Print Proof – Morris Station Wagon, Manchester, 2014


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