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Fotographija Exhibition Print Information

Artist and Printer's Proof

Most prints have the word ‘Proof’ written on the bottom left side or else in the seperate info tag under the frame. This means that the print is the original version from which all future prints will based on.

Artists Proof: All my exhibited prints are artists proofs but for this exhibition no further prints shall be made.

Printers Proof: A print from a photograph submitted by a participant from which all future prints shall be based on.


All my exhibited prints are proofs and will not be printed in any editions.

Participants exhibited prints are proofs for an edition of 5 prints.

General Informaiton

Hand Printing

All prints are hand printed by my myself in my dedicated darkroom. Only high quality photographic fibre based papers are used which are processed in fresh top quality chemicals. Each print is finally finished off by a toning technique were prints are processed in another batch of specific chemicals.

The whole process will ensure each print is of Archival Quality that guarantees your print will last for more than a life time!


Archival quality guarantees that you print will in excellent condition many years to come.

Apart from using the best silver gelatine papers and chemicals the finished print is then processed in another set of chemicals. This process is called ‘toning’. The chemicals used for toning create barriers around the paper that will protect the image from environmental  damage.

Another use of toning is to change the colour of the print.

Certificate of Authenticity

All prints include a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Postcards do not come with a printed Certificate of Authenticity although this can be downloaded by following the link at the back of the Postcard.

This Certificate of Authenticity contains detailed information, dates and equipment used.


ALL prints are signed by me. Most are signed ‘fotographija’ while my personal favourite photographs are signed with my name. These prints include a Deluxe Box of your choice.


The Darkroom is an actual room with out light. In this room you will find my film developing  tools, printing tools and a large sink that is used to work on the prints.

Limited Editions

Some prints come in Limited Editions, although each print edition varies from print to print. The number of prints in an edition depends on various factors and each print is hand made to order. Prints require a lot of time to make hence they are printed to order.

Each print comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Open Editions

Open Editions are printed in batches. The amount of prints in a batch vary depending on materials available at the time of printing. Each postcard will have the print number followed by the batch number then the amount of prints in that batch. The date of printing will be next to the signature.

Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

For example:

4/32/1 means – Print 4 from a batch of 32. 1st batch printed.

15/22/3 means – Print 15 from a batch of 22. 3rd batch printed.


All Postcards are 4×6 inches in size and are also printed on top quality fibre based papers processed in top quality chemicals. Each Postcard is further toned to Archival standards.

Postcards do not come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate can be downloaded from directly from the web shop and are digitally signed. Details can be found printed on the back of each postcard.

Although Postcards are in Open Editions, I keep full details regarding  materials and chemicals used, print numbers and batched.

Cabinet Cards

All Cabinet Cards are 5×7 inches in size and as with all prints in this shop, they are hand printed on top quality fibre based papers and chemicals followed by Archival Processing.

Cabinet Cards can be part of Open Editions, Limited Editions or Collections.


Collections are made up of a number of prints as part of a photographic project. These collections come in special packaging and are all in Limited Editions.

The amount of prints in each Collection and the number of Limited Editions Collections depends on various factors. Each collection includes a Certificate of Authenticity  as well as details about the Collection.


Instant Prints are one of a kind, straight out of the camera prints. These are similar to the famous ‘Polaroids’ from a few decades ago.

The photo is shot directly onto the ‘print paper’ inside the camera with out the need of a ‘film negative’ and neither any darkroom printing.

All Instant prints are Limited Editions of One

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