Treat with love.

You have purchased a Hand Made Photographic Print and although extra care has gone into every step of the manual process, it is very important that you follow some simple recommendations to make sure your print will last for decades.


To ensure your print remains in pristine condition over the years, I highly recommend you frame it asap. A respectable frame maker will guide you on the best materials.

  • Plain frames are preferable.
  • For ascetic reasons, frames should be black or dark grey.
  • Always use glassed frames.
  • Frame glass comes in a variety of options. Consult a respectable frame maker for the best options for your needs.
  • Wear cotton gloves while handling prints.

Recommended Frame and mount size

  • Paper size 5×7: Frame size 9×11 inch.
  • Paper size 8×10 inch: Frame size 12×14 inch OR 14×16 inch.
  • Paper size 12×14 inch: Frame size 14×16 inch OR 16×18 inch.

Frame mount

All prints should be mounted on acid free mounting matts. A respectable framer will be able to guide you on this.

  • Mount should be white, light cream or light grey coloured.
  • Smooth or textured surfaces depend on print subject.
  • Do not use common adhesives.
  • Wear cotton gloves while handling prints.

Storing Post Cards

Post Cards are send in tough cardboard packages but these are not of archival quality. If you intend to keep these post cards stored, please remove from inside the card board package.

Storing All Prints

All Prints are posted inside an archival quality sheet that protects your valuable prints from environmental damage. You can store your prints inside these sheets but make sure that you do not there them inside any card board boxes and neither in un ventilated drawers.

The best option to preserve your valuable prints if to frame them.

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