Kevin Casha

Kevin Casha, Fotographija, Analogue Photography, Darkroom Malta
Kevin Casha, Self Portrait
MA in Contemporary Digital Art
Hon Life Member MIPP MPS


A career now spanning over 40 years in photography, Kevin Casha is a highly awarded Maltese photographic artist and tutor. He has been past Presidentof the Malta Photographic Society (MPS) and current Chairman and founder of the Malta Institute of Professional Photography (MIPP). To date, he is the only person to have been awarded Honorary Life Membershipof both top local photographic organizations for his contribution towards photography.

Locally, he has lectured on academic courses at the Institute of Art and Design,the University of Malta, Heritage Malta, schools and other private entities and is course director for the MIPP. His Photography has been widely published, with no fewer than seventeen books fully illustrated with his images. Casha has stage numerous one-man exhibitions in Malta as well as in Italy, London, Corsica, United States and Sicily. He regularly acts as curator on various collective photography exhibitions, projects and publications. Casha’s standing in the international scene was further attested when, in 2015, he was chosen not only as a main judge for The HRH The Prince of Wales’s Commonwealth Environmental Photography Award, but also as curator for the Exhibitions held in Malta and appointed picture editor for the Out of the Bluebook, published specifically for the occasion and launched during the CHOGMevents in Malta. Casha has collaborated with APS Bank on the 2015 exhibition called ‘The Calm before the Storm,’ and three projects entitledVanishing Malta; Benefits of Art and Diversity.In all projects, he was curator and editor of the publications complementing these exhibitions.Furthermore, in this same year, in 2015 he was honoured by being appointed ‘Ambassador of Photography’in Inner Mongolia, China.

Casha has years of experience in teaching photography, both locally and abroad. He is also a much sought-after judge in photographic salons and competitions. He has conducted workshops in various countries such as England, Ireland, Lithuania, Kuwait and Italy. Casha, who is the Technical Coordinator of the National Picture Archive at the Rabat National Archive, is also Malta’s foremost researcher on vintage local photography and photographers. His most important publication to date is ‘The History of Maltese Photography and its Protagonists’ – a monumental academic book recording the history of local photography from its inception in 1840 up to the dawn of digital technology.

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In today’s digital environment, analogue photography is converted into digital files to be consumed through electronic devices and immediately shared over multiple social media sites. The immediacy and amount of images shared online raises questions not only about our social interactions but even more so on how photography is used; when the choice of shared images is based on the number of likes and social approval to be gained rather than to share the photographic experience.

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Film Photography Workshops

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