Daria Troitskaia

“Born in Saint Petersburg, grew up in Vienna and now living in Malta, I travel to Europe and Russia quite often. Originally a web-designer and art-director for several companies I now run my own antique trading business.

I started photography in order to capture memories from my travels but later realised that photography makes everyday life more interesting. You can tell a story with only one picture. You start to wake up early in the morning to catch the sunrise with perfect light. You walk more. You realise there are so many different points of view – regarding everything. With my work, I show that it’s possible to find beauty in anything if you just stop and take a closer look. You also start to appreciate every detail of your surroundings: every day I explore places I have not seen or noticed before.

For this exhibition, I chose a picture where I tried to stop the moment as a reminder that time is fleeting. In this ephemeral second, you can take a glimpse of serenity.

Currently, I am working on several photography projects dedicated to life in Malta and Russia.”

Daria Troitskaia


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17th till 31st January

Straight Street


Technical Info

Analogue photography has some complex technical jargon, learn what they mean.

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Exhibition Story

In today’s digital environment, analogue photography is converted into digital files to be consumed through electronic devices and immediately shared over multiple social media sites. The immediacy and amount of images shared online raises questions not only about our social interactions but even more so on how photography is used; when the choice of shared images is based on the number of likes and social approval to be gained rather than to share the photographic experience.

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Film Photography Workshops

Learn the difference in films and their iso. Understand exposure and how to use older light meters or modern light meter apps. Use aperture, shutter speeds and composition.

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