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Alan Falzon, Darkroom Malta, Analogue Photography, Fotographija, Silver Gelatin

Valletta based photographer and silver gelatine printer Alan Falzon inherited his passion for photography through his father, a keen hobby photographer. Initially, just a means of capturing friends and fun activities, Falzon realised how photography can help distance himself and relax from the chaos of daily life.

Backpacking through Australia in 2005 on a tight budget was pivotal in teaching him the importance of photographic technique, patience and observation, since, with so much to shoot, processing film proved costly. The creative inspiration started flowing during his past life as a fire juggler and animator were, among others, colourful costumes and choreographed routines highlighted the importance of detail and personal style.

An Associate Member of the MIPP since 2012, his experience is vast and eclectic and includes working as an assistant for two renowned Maltese wedding photographers for 8 years.

After years of self-processing his analogue work, Falzon opened Darkroom Malta in 2017. Here, he specialises in the processing of analogue photography while at the same time offering tuition to persons interested in entering the wonderful world of photography.

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