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Carnival 2014

Carnival 2014

Carnival 2014 – 

 I was lucky to obtain a pass to shoot the Carnival 2014 activities  in Valletta from inside the  enclosure although  my main focus was to capture the important moments digitally since I had to forward a few to the organisers and also make them available for sale.  The quieter moments gave me chance to shoot a roll of Famapan 400 with my Minolta.

On the whole I found that Fomapan 400 35mm is not suitable for high contrast scenes. The shadows are blocked easily if you expose for the highlights while the on the other hand, the highlights are blown out when exposing or the shadows.  From the rolls I shot so far it seams that this film is good for overcast days or else shot at EI 800 and developed for EI 400 in Xtol+1 to create dark blacks and good highlights with some loss of mid tones but this crates a nice antique look.


*Shot with a Minolta Dynax 500 on Fomapan 400.